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Happy Beltane

>> Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Or, May Day to those of you who don't follow the Celtic Calendar.

It is Tuesday, which means Brenna has school. It is also Brenna's day to bring treats. No problem. We discussed it yesterday and she decided on Teddy Grahams and Goldfish. I picked up those, and 100% juice, at the store last night.

It was only this morning that I remembered that it is May Day. Crap. What to do... What to do...

While Doug was still home I made a quick run to the corner convenience store and purchased an overpriced bag of M&Ms and a bag of gummy worms. Using plastic cups left over from Lord-knows-when and cutting strips of paper from my scrapbooking paper I created a lovely little cup:

It's a goodie parfait: 15 M&Ms (yes, I counted), a layer each of (uncounted) Teddies and Fish and one gummy on top of each.
I made 20. I'm pretty sure that's enough...


MonkeyDragon 10:18 AM  

ack! mommy guilt - and so early in the morning!

need more coffee . . .

Marie 12:29 PM  

Will you please be my Mommy, Jody?

VW 2:42 PM  

I need quick access to you for moments like this in my life. How do you do it??? That looks great.

Fantastagirl 11:11 PM  

That looks great - I'm sure the kids loved it!

Are you going to the festival in Anamosa this weekend? Saw it on the news and thought of Brenna's cute little outfit.

aka_Meritt 8:39 AM  

I'm hoping my little Public Reminder is what made you remember it was May Day? LOL.

My baskets this year were oh-so-simple as well. I opened the cupboard... saw nothing to use. Necessity is the mother of invention and I was determined NOT to GO anywhere or BUY anything since I have literally - exactly $4 to my name until payday.

I used styrofoam bowls, a hole punch and ribbon.

Popcorn and M&M's... thank God for the M&M's I had in the cupboard to make cookies later on!


Another crafty holiday done and over. Crisis averted.

AnIowaMom 11:21 AM  

How cute! Even though they were just "thrown together" ... they look just perfect. Great, easy and fast idea for next year ... hmmmm, I may just make a note of that!!

Also, when in a bind, popcorn is a great and easy "filler" in the May Day baskets. :)

Anita 3:39 PM  

Those look adorable! I definitely was not blessed with the mommy gene. Or the crafty gene. Or the creative gene.

And I'm jealous whenever I see those who are!

Tamara 8:31 AM  

You are one cool mom!

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