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Saving Money = Shopping More

>> Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Once upon a time I had a job that paid quite well. I didn’t worry much about money because it managed to come in day after day. I was able to afford a house, a couple of cars and vacations. And I was able to shop without thinking much about anything other than what time the stores opened and if I needed to stop for cash.

Now I’m a stay-at-home-mommy with a limited income and even more limited time. I download every coupon that I will use and do a lot of shopping online- just because it’s so easy and I don’t have to hear Brenna say, “Mommy, what’s that?” with my answer being followed by, “I like that”.

Oh, yes, my daughter is a born shopper. Thankfully I can shop online while she’s asleep. Of course, much of what I buy is for her…

Which makes this website full of coupons, coupon codes and online savings one of my favorite finds. One of my favorite stores is Target. With a quick click I have Target coupons and I am ready to shop. With over 1000 stores to shop with online coupons codes I may just be able to shop more!


Bubbi 6:31 AM  

Now completely on my own--I love it!
Thanks Jodi.

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