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Rainy Day Activities

>> Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blech! It's raining out. Alot. Kind of ruined the mom's group plans to play at the park and then have ice cream. They are, instead, going to a local mall that has a large play area. Yeah, them and about every other mom's group in town. No thank you, we'll skip it.

I had the carpets in the living room and dining room cleaned yesterday. It's amazing just how much a dirty carpet bothers me. I almost feel lighter. And since stuff was all spread around I went ahead and re-arranged the furniture.

I have a love/hate relationship with the open floor plan of the living room. I love the open-ness; I hate the limited options for furniture placement. Because I moved the couch my antique sewing machine had to be moved to the dining room. And because of that the small table from the dining room will go... somewhere. Probably the storage room in the basement.

Unfortunately I do have to go out in this mess today. I have to get stamps. And since I'll be out I may as well take the bikes in to the bike shop for a tune up. And run to Target. It will gie Brenna a chance to use her "rain-brella".

Other than that I suppose we'll just stay in, play Candyland and watch movies. Maybe I'll get to work on that bag I bought the fabric for a couple of weeks ago. Or maybe I can add another post to the travel blog I've been working on.

No matter what I'm sure I'll stay busy...


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