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I Feel Like A Parental Failure

>> Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It is 4:25am. I am awake. And have been for over an hour now. Grrr...

My darling daughters have gotten the better of me. They know my weakness. They take advantage of it. And now.... Now I am paying the price. Of course it is easy to think that I can fix it at 4:28 in the morning. It is easy to read all the advice and think, "OK,I can do that."

Ummm, yeah. Thinking I can do it is one thing. Actually doing it is completely another.

Brenna is still not using the potty. It doesn't bother her to be so poopy that I can smell her across the room. It doesn't bother her to be so wet that her Pull-Up explodes and the nasty,wet innards are stuck to her.

Caelan is not taking liquids from anything other than "the source" (i.e. breast) or a regular glass held by mommy or daddy. It doesn't matter if the beverages are the exact same, she only wants it how she wants it.

Of course these thoughts are going throught my head, now,at 4:34 am, because Caelan woke me for the second time tonight to eat. Yes, my daughter still won't sleep through the night. My fault, again, because I had the monitor close to me at night and continued to go to her when she cried so she wouldn't wake Brenna.

Of course, I created these monsters. And since there is noone to come to my rescue I suppose I must vanquish them myself. Crap.

So... Should I just take this all on at once? It will, of course, make me completely insane for the next few days. Poor Doug. He'll have three girls who will be terrors to live with.

Oh, well, should be good blog fodder.


VW 6:59 AM  

You are not a parenting failure. We all have our 'problems' that we created. Trust me, I have my share at this household. You are doing great. You love your children and are trying your best.

Jodi 8:30 AM  

I second vw. You are not a failure. You have just hit one of the many many bumps in the road all mother's face. And facing them at 4 a.m. is always tougher. ;)

My advice? Stop with the potty training. Put her back in diapers and quit altogther. This will do two things: take the pressure off of you and her and give her time. Sometimes it has to be "their" idea you know. ;)

And the night waking thing: None of my four kids slept through the night until they were almost one. I breastfed them exclusively until they could use a sippy cup. As a SAHM it worked for us since I didn't have to go anywhere or do anything. She will figure it out soon. I promise. None of my kids are breastfed now. :) he he he

Marie 2:42 PM  

VW's right....

And I know what you mean about tackling it all at once. I try to do that now and then, and invariably it doesn't work out.

Go easy on yourself... one day at a time.

Anita 7:17 AM  

Hang in there, Jody!

Personally, I think I'd go for one at a time. Potty training really can wait. Diapers are very convenient in many ways, especially if you've got another little one around. It's pretty tough when their little and you are in a place with limited bathroom facilities and suddenly THEY MUST GO RIGHT NOW. And you have a baby to boot.

I'd work on the eating during the night thing as everyone functions a whole lot better on a full nights sleep.

Of course if you want any more advice on any of these topics I'd be happy to provide it at no extra charge! But I won't torture you with any further unsolicited input as tempting as it is.

Anita 7:17 AM  

p.s. There is no doubt in my mind that you are a FANTASTIC mother. Just look at the photos of your beautiful, happy children. So the good news, is you can't go too far wrong . . .

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