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I Want to Get Away

>> Friday, May 18, 2007

I collect travel sites. My “favorites” file is full of them. Sites specific to regions, sites specific to countries, and travel planning sites. I just added a new one to my list today: TripWiser - social trip planner for the USA and Canada.

This site looks great! I typed in “Alamo” and had over 40 itineraries pop up. Best of all these are “road tested” and full of first hand comments and suggestions. There is even a filter so you can find the best trip for you. Or you can “build your own”.

This is a seriously fun site. I can see myself going to it first for all my US travel.


Anita 7:04 AM  

Oooh - -can't wait to check it out. I like travel sites myself although I couldn't say I collect them. I swear by TripAdvisor and won't plan a trip without it. Off to visit TripWiser!

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