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Ah.... Now To Relax

>> Saturday, May 12, 2007

Well,I didn't get my entire list completed- but I got really close.

The animals made it to the vet on time and cost a small fortune to vaccinate. And I got to hear about all the "great" things I can do for my older pets. Things like "Senior Wellness Checks", toothbrushing and joint relief medications. Terrific.

The package was sent from the post office before it closed. Which really didn't matter as I used the computer terminal and did all the work myself. I was very thankful it was there as the post office had a line out the door. Seems the price of postage goes up on Monday and the "Forever Stamps" were released today. All new restrictions on size, shape, thickness... Yippee!

Groceries were purchased. Items were forgotten. Another trip to the store was necessary. But I did get to experience my local grocery's answer to Subway. Yep, back at the deli meats counter you can have sandwiches made. And toasted. I had a Rueben; Doug had a Panini. Pretty smart of them to do that.

Fabric was purchased for my tote bag project:

Unfortunately time just ran out and I haven't even cut out the bag yet. I'm alittle nervous as I am using an online tutorial and not an actual pattern. I haven't made a bag like this before and it is actually practice for a bag I need to design to tote my Wishblade to scrapping nights. I'm really liking the colors and the polka-dot fabric fot the lining is so cute...

My kitchen is clean. Doug actually did quite a bit of that while I was cleaning Brenna's room (which wasn't on my list) instead of cleaning the humidifiers (which was). It didn't make sense to do too much as I'm just gonna make a mess again tomorrow when I cook.

Speaking of cooking, I did get the "horns" made for my Cream Horns. One broke and may I just say YUM! Better than any I have ever had from a bakery. I can't wait to make the Bavarian Cream to fill them!

And I did get the card made for my mom. Watch for it tomorrow. Yes, I used the Wishblade. Yes, I am pretty proud of myself.

And I did 2 loads of laundry. And took care of Caelan. She really enjoyed having Mommy & Daddy to herself.

I think that is enough. It's 9pm. I'm gonna make up my post for tomorrow so all I have to do is publish it in the morning and then I'm gonna watch Music & Lyrics.

And if you're wondering about Brenna, she didn't miss me at all today. Grandma kept her busy and she had fun, fun, fun. I can't wait to see her tomorrow.


Anita 8:47 AM  

Oh my. I think you got more done yesterday than I got done all week!! I'm so impressed. Happy Mother's Day!!! Hope there's some R&R in your plans today.

The Kept Woman 9:50 PM  

I am LUSTING after that striped fabric and must see, must see, must see the final product!!!

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