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>> Saturday, May 26, 2007

I picked up Candyland at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago and it has quickly become Brenna's favorite game.

It only took a couple of games for her to get the hang of it and now she's a pro. In fact, she's such a pro that she wins... Every time.

And since you really can't cheat at Candyland the only thing I can figure is that she has an "in" with Plumpy.

And now, to age myself, here is the board I remember playing on:

No Plumpy, no Princess Lolly or Queen Frostine. How antiquated.


MonkeyDragon 11:27 PM  

whoa! that board is old! but then again . . .the one I played on was still in B&W . . . . sigh

aka_Meritt 9:09 AM  

Personally I love the old Candyland myself.

And for the record; be prepared. You now have about 9 years of constant Candyland in front of you. NOT JOKING.

We went through (3) Candyland games because we wore them out.

Marie 12:59 PM  

This reminds me.... I stashed this in a closet a couple years ago. Also a garage sale find. Must find & play!!

nikkol 1:36 PM  

haha - i am being queen frostine for halloween and found out that she was changed to "princess frostine" or possibly not even in the game?

i got my niece the dora version and she loves it.


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