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It's Baaaccckkkkk...

>> Monday, April 30, 2007

Let me first say : Guys, this is NOT a post for you. You do not want to read this. I promise. Having said that, if you are male and read any further I don't want any whining in the comments. I warned you.

It first disappeared in February 2004. Much joy and celebration ensued. It's return in October 2005 was also celebrated. It then failed to show up for it's scheduled visit in February 2006. And it's departure was once again celebrated. And hasn't been seen again... Until now.

Yes, my period has returned. Aunt Flo is in the house. The monthly flux is upon me. (That last one baffled Doug when I said it.) Celebration is not forthcoming.

I was kinda hoping it would hold off until after summer. Not for any particular reason, really, but just because I had gotten so used to not worrying about it. Tampons didn't compete with baby toys for room in my bag. I didn't have to buy tampons and diapers; seriously, expensive items to throw away. Convenient, but expensive. It was nice.


I had three years without it. It was nice. Now I'm off to buy tampons.


Tamara 8:52 AM  

I hated that too. This was a good reason for breast feeding and being pregnant!

Katy 11:48 AM  

Man, three years? How awesome is that. I am just thinking I may have the doctor rip all my parts out and then give me some perky boobs and maybe a nanny. What? They can not give me a nanny? I have to pay for one? I am poor? When did this happen?

Fantastagirl 9:14 PM  

Three years? You lucky, lucky lady!

Jennifer 10:18 PM  

Ugh.. you're so lucky.. I nursed and still got my period

Sorry it had to return just when the weather is warming up though. That's a crappy deal!

Have a chocolate bar :) Feel better!

Marie 12:31 PM  

Maybe it's better than the alternative??

The Kept Woman 1:06 PM  

Time to get pregnant again...

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