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It Was A Long Time Coming

>> Sunday, May 06, 2007

But it has finally made an appearance! After much pain and anguish- for everyone involved (mostly Caelan and me)- the first tooth has worked it's way through and will soon be able to be seen in photographs!

Yes, the tiny little bumps of the tooth are poking through and Caelan is desperately chewing on anything and everything that ends up in her mouth. Including her favorite food source.

She'd best not bite me or she'll be learning to love a bottle real quick.

Updated! It's a bit blurry but if you look really, really close you can see that teeny, tiny tooth at the bottom right.

At least one more is working it's way in tonight- possibly three more. Caelan is oh so fussy and not even a popsicle soothes her for long. sigh It may be a long night.


AnIowaMom 10:05 AM  

That's always so exciting. :)

Can't wait to see pictures!

Marie 7:30 AM  

Awwww! She's so cute! Looks like her Daddy, huh? Hope you got some sleep.

Anita 4:10 PM  

Oh, she's so cute!!! Hope she doesn't bite you now - that sounds mighty painful. I didn't breast feed so unfortunately I have no useful (or useless) advice to impart. I just love seeing the baby!

Christie 6:57 PM  


Fantastagirl 11:07 PM  

My older neighbor lady (she was 105) told me to put just a little bit of whiskey on pan's gums - 'a little bit of whiskey' was her cure for everything! For some reason I have never tried it...seems a bit odd to me.

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