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Well, I'm Still Mostly Sane

>> Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I had Brenna running around the house with no drawers on.

Potties were strategically placed throughout the house.

There were no accidents on the floor.

There was also no action in the potties.

My child has a bladder or steel.

Running water has no effect on her.

Neither does putting her hand in warm water.

Those tricks do, however work on both Doug and me.

All pottying took place when Pull Ups were put on for nap and bedtime. Well, I'm making an assumption about bedtime but she hadn't pottied since about 4pm and she went to bed at 9. I'm guessing that diaper, and maybe her bed, will be soaked by morning.

As for Caelan...

She thought the water in the sippy cup (with no plug to keep it from dripping) was great fun to play with.

The strawberry milk in the sippy cup that had a no-drip plug she actually drank. And still managed to make a mess.

But the only way she would take the breast milk was in a regular cup held by Mommy or Daddy. If she held it the cup became a missle. And, let me tell you, that girl can throw with some force.


Bubbi 7:04 AM  

Ah yes--the joy :)
The good news--she will get it at some point :)

aka_Meritt 7:28 AM  

That running water crap and hand dunking never worked on me either...

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