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Another Use For Your Toddler

>> Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today has been spent in the basement watching Sesame Street and movies with spurts of block stacking and hide-and-seek. The reason for the basement isolation is two-fold. One: today has been full of heavy rain showers with periods of drizzle. Icky. And two: today Brenna has been in big-girl panties (except for nap time). And since I had the upstairs carpets cleaned last week I don't necessarily want them peed on.

As the day closes in on 5pm we are all in need of something. Movies are done, Oprah is dull and Daddy won't be home for another hour.

Then the phone rings. Not my cell phone, but the home phone. Which means it is probably a telemarketer of some sort. Brenna runs to get the phone- like she always does. To add a little spice to the caller's day I tell Brenna how to answer that phone. And I hear this conversation:

"I poopy on the potty"

"I built a tower over here" (walk stage right)

"It's over here"

and then some unintelligible garble.

Serious fun.

As for the potty training Brenna is on her 3rd pair of panties today and she used her Pull Up during nap time to poopy... Of course. Nothing in the potty.


Bubbi 11:05 AM  

Gosh--can I borrow her--I get so many of those calls. The no-call list is a joke!

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