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It's Done!

>> Monday, May 21, 2007

It only took a year an a half but it's finally done!

Yes, I finally finished my scrapbook from our trip to Ireland! It is almost 2 1/2 inches thick and I should really find a new binder for it- one that is made to hold such a monstrocity! Maybe if I didn't stuff it full of CDs, maps, notes, books and stuff it would be thinner...

Here is my "Intro to Dublin" page: It has one of our Dublin Pass cards and the guide book (both removeable), an illustrated map (also removeable) and tickets from the Dart and the Luas. I made the lettering down the side with my Wishblade.

I also include lots of facts and little notes about what we did. I guess I'm a journaling scrapper. More WB fun with the title!

Here is the page of a B&B we stayed at in Cashel. Business card, notes about our stay, fancy accents. Seriously, it'sno wonder my book is so thick!

You can't visit Dublin without stopping to see Molly Malone... I love that the WB can use almost any font!


Fantastagirl 8:21 AM  

Looks awesome - you did a fantastic job!

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