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>> Monday, May 21, 2007

Of course there are things I should be doing. Things I actually have on a "to do" list for today. And I'll get to them. But right now I am sitting on the deck, enjoying a hard cranberry lemonade, listening to the creek and posting this little bit of nothing.

Did you see that I finished my Ireland scrapbook? Yep, finally. It's here.

Did you get to see last week's Fab Food Friday? Snicker's Cheesecake... Simply decadent.

Potty training is not progressing as planned. Brenna has peed on the floor once and has gone into the bathroom and put on a Pull Up before pooing. She knows when she needs to go; she just needs to use the potty.

Caelan is making a little progress with the sippy cup. Unfortunately there are new spots of milk and juice on the carpet.

The carpet cleaner is coming on Wednesday.


Fantastagirl 8:19 AM  

We had stan*ly Ste*mer carpets guys do our carpets - they did great - and he "accidently" left a bottle of their high power stain/spot remover - works great for in-between professional cleanings.

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