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Congratulations x 2

>> Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My brother Jarod and his girlfriend Amanda are expecting a baby right around New Year.

Oops. My mistake. I should say :
My brother Jarod and his fiancee Amanda are expecting a baby right around New Year.

Yep, Jarod is taking the big step in a big way and I couldn't be happier.


And I'm sorry about the photo- it's the only one I could find of the two of you on this computer! TeeHee!


aka_Meritt 6:53 AM  

I love the photo but how in the heck did camera capture them to look like he is a giant and she is an elf! My goodness, she's a HOBBITT!!!!!

Bah ha ha ha.

Congrats you two! Smiling big for ya!

Jody 1:19 PM  

LOL! Jarod is almost a foot taller than Amanda. You don't notice it so much unless they are standing together. :) I have diffrent photos on my other laptop. I suppose I could change the picture...

Marie 5:43 AM  

Congrats to your bro & sister-in-law-to-be! A new Auntie for the girls!

Marie 5:43 AM  

AND a new cousin! Awesome!

aka_Meritt 7:53 AM  

I know how tall they are - goodness knows I've been at enough parties and dinners with them. But this photo makes him look like he is 2 or 3 feet taller, and with her tiny body and teeny head she is a little pretty Hobbit. :)


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