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I'm A Bit Lost

>> Friday, May 11, 2007

Brenna is at her grandma's house. Until Sunday morning. I feel a bit like I'm missing an appendage. Not that I'll have time to miss her... Tomorrow I have to/plan to:

  • take the dog & cat to the vet
  • go to the post office to mail a package
  • shop for groceries for Mother's Day brunch
  • make the Cream Horns "horns"
  • go to the fabric store
  • use above mentioned fabric and make a tote (I can't find "the perfect" one so I am going to attempt to make my own
  • clean the kitchen
  • clean & put away the humidifiers in the girl's rooms
  • make a Mother's Day card for my mom

Oh, and take care of Caelan!

I know that Grandma has great plans for her time with Brenna. And Brenna has been talking about going to her house for days; she was very excited. I was trying to hug on her before she left and she was wiggling to get out of my arms. She was waving and smiling as she left and saying "Have a good time!"

A good time, indeed. I'll probably spend half my time looking for her...


VW 8:21 AM  

I hope you enjoy the moment even though it might feel a little lonely.

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