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Rain Rain Go Away

>> Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Our forecast is calling for more rain. Of course all you people in the south and west where it’s dry and on fire may wonder about my sanity. And you surely don’t want to hear that for every sunny day we’ve had there have been two days of rain. There are streets in Des Moines that have been closed for weeks due to flooding. When the water recedes enough for them to reopen it rains and they close again.

Yesterday, with the windows open to catch the breeze, I could actually feel the moisture from the air settling into the carpets. Which can cause problems in the long-term. We have a small dehumidifier in our basement just to keep the musty smells away.

My mom, who has had her basement actually retain water, has a more powerful unit. I don’t think she has turned it off all spring!

If you are experiencing any problems in you home relating to excess moisture I encourage you to check out these dehumidifier tips. If you need a dehumidifier it can help you decide what size dehumidifier to buy to alleviate your problems. Which will save your sanity in the future.


AnIowaMom 10:17 AM  

More rain?

I tell ya, it rained like the dickens on Saturday when we were in West Des Moines. There was so much water I didn't think we'd be playing baseball at all over the weekend.

Miraculously, the fields were all dry on Sunday morning and the weather was gorgeous. Couldn't have asked for better.

We are gone now. And I guess we brought the beautiful weather with us. Sorry! :(

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