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Not a smart thing

>> Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It's not a smart thing to take both daughters to see the creek at the same time. This is especially true when it's muddy. I thought about giving this post titles of "How to have a heart attack" or "Brenna falls in" or "Daddy to the rescue", but the reality is that Daddy wasn't smart. Never, I mean never, take both girls to see a fast moving body of water, even if it's knee high to an (almost) 3 year old.

You see, Brenna loves to throw rocks into the creek that conveniently meanders through our back yard. She's very good at it. The rocks get wet every time. It's something she's done dozens of times without incident. (insert mood music) Until now.

I had Caelan in my arms and was right beside Brenna when she slipped in the grass and fell in.

I turn.

Put Caelan down.

Turn to the water.

See Brenna bob up.

Lay flat, reach out.

She goes under.

I grab her and pull her out by rolling away from the water.

Brenna is breathing.

I know this because she is not happy. "Daddy, I went under!" In the bath tub, she likes to "swim" by lying flat on her belly and kicking her legs. This was not the same. She is such a big girl; she was sobbing, but she really didn't start crying until Mommy saw her and had a very understandable reaction.....

Note: Jody and I are still married.....

Note2: We haven't put the house on the market....


Note3: Hmmm, I did actually get to use the skills forced upon me because I was an Infantryman.

Note4: We took the girls up for baths right after that. They did well. Brenna didn't want to put her head under the water to rinse shampoo, but she did it. We read books. We brushed teeth. She repeated rude comments Mommy made about Daddy....

I deserve it.

We will not be playing zone defense when we go to the creek from now on. Mommy and Daddy have had enough excitement for now.

**Jody: I didn't make rude comments. Earlier in the day Doug was fixing the canopy on the deck. Brenna was watching from right in front of the chair he was standing on. Doug, thinking she was further away than she was, stepped down on her ankle. So, when this happened I said something about Doug trying to "do her in" today. Brenna held on to that, myna bird that she is; hence the "rude comments".

And although my heart skipped a beat to see Brenna walking up that hill soaked to the skin, Doug muddy and Calean flustered I do have to admit that it was better that I didn't experience what happened first hand. My heart would have stopped.


Fantastagirl 11:05 PM  


Glad everyone is okay, and Brenna, Doug and YOU will laugh about this someday...

aka_Meritt 7:17 AM  

Don't let that scare you away from taking both girls to creeks and other bodies of waters. I look at it as a good learning experience. Brenna will be much more careful near the creek now because she'll remember falling in - so actually she'll probably be safer this summer when you are all out on the patio or deck. She learned a healthy respect for the creek. :)

(I'm all about learning experiences, as my kids will tell you... LOL).

cchuff 6:22 PM  

Hard as it may be, it msy be a good thing as Merritt has pointed out. She will be much more hesitant to get too close. Being a parent is hard and I had more than my share of terrors with the four of you. Mom

Tamara 12:10 PM  

totally agree. we had a somewhat similar experience on Monday that I need to post about ASAP

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