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>> Tuesday, May 22, 2007

HA! Got your attention didn't I? WEll,now that I have it...

Not long before Brenna’s birth Doug & I began acting like adults with children. We upped our life insurance, we made our wills and we began discussing our finances in more ways than “what has to be paid?”

I recently increased our SEP contributions (OK,I increased his and created an account for myself) and am still trying to work out a budget that Doug can live with. I gotta admit that is difficult because Doug is a contractor so we don’t have a “regular” amount of money coming in each week- it really depends on how much he works.

Something that has caught my attention lately is high yield savings accounts. eMoneycentral.com makes it easy to find the best rates available in your state and to compare those rates to find the best deal for you. And, honestly, who couldn’t use the extra cash?


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