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Really,It's Nothing

>> Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So, I'm watching Dora the Explorer with Brenna the other day...

Yes, I know, that sounds like a punch line of sorts. Doug laughed when I led with that sentence.

Anyway, I'm listening and since I know a bit of 9th grade Spanish something popped out at me.

"De nada" (did I spell that right? 9th grade was a long time ago.) trandlates to "it's nothing". But it means "you're welcome".

Hmmmm... It got me thinking...

In this age of "everyone's gotta feel good about what they do or someone's gonna get their poor little feelings hurt" it just doesn't seem correct when someone says "thank you" to reply "it's nothing". Because doesn't that either imply that what you did means nothing to you so you weren't really doing anything to help that person or it could mean that because what you did was "nothing" than it wasn't important, therefore you aren't important.

See... it has to be "something" for our feel good society to, well, feel good, right?

Does anyone else follow my wierd, twisted logic?


Tamara 12:07 PM  

from your half-Mexican reader, the "its nothing" is a way of saying that it was no big deal, no sweat off my back. And not to be taken in a bad way. But more of letting the thankful person know that they hadn't asked too much of them or that they had no problem taking care of the issue. Make sense?

Jody 1:32 PM  

I understand that but in my twisted logic of our "feel good" society it just strikes me as ironic. :)

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