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Well, Hello, Kitty

>> Friday, May 30, 2008

My young cousin does a lot of babysitting for us in the evenings when we have church activities. She'll be here tonight, again, watching not only my kids but the children of another couple when we go out to see Narnia. I pay her about $5 per hour for the girls, give or take, and she never says if it's too little.

So I like to surprise her once in a while.

Last Christmas I got her a bunch of Hello Kitty stuff that was in the dollar bin at Target. She is a HUGE Hello Kitty freak and just loved it. When I took her to Minnesota with me last year she was bummed that the Hello Kitty dolls were no longer available at Bulid a Bear.

So when I got my Build a Bear newsletter (yes, I get that. Blame my daughters...) and saw that the tropical Hello Kitty is in stores beginning today I knew I had to take her to get one. I imagine jumping up and down in excitement will take place...

What outfit do you think she will pick? I like the hula girl, myself.


Fantastagirl 11:18 PM  

The one with the surf board is pretty awesome too!

Anonymous 5:50 AM  

Yep, I like the surf board one as well. All are cute though.

The Fritz Facts 11:04 AM  

I like the Hula one the best I think. Note to self...do not take Boo to MOA anytime soon. I don't think my ears could handle the squeals!

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