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A Place With Style

>> Saturday, May 24, 2008

I think the thing I dislike the most about where we live is the total lack of style. Don’t take it the wrong way, people here have style… It’s called “comfortable”. Which is fine, I suppose. But that means that rarely does anyone dress up- for anything other than a graduation, wedding or funeral- and the few places that have designer clothing have limited styles and sizes.

Which means that I turn to the internet if I need something unique or rather funky. Not that it happens much as we are in a “comfortable” state surrounded by “comfortable” people.

During a recent clothing search I came across ShopGoldyn.com, a site with dozens of designers and clothes that haven’t yet reached my little part of the earth. Definitely unique and funky. And while some of the clothing is definitely too young and hip for me with so many designers to choose from I was able to find items that I loved.

If you’re looking for something new may I suggest viewing by francine. Her embroidered halter dress is absolutely adorable. Or American Retro for a modern take on retro styles like the swing coat and tied collars. Corey Lynn Calter uses bold prints and clean lines to make her designs really unique.

That's only three of the dozens of designers represented at ShopGoldyn.com. Really, if you want something noone you know will have check them out.


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