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If Only This Would Happen

>> Friday, May 23, 2008

So.. Doug sent me an email the other day letting me know that the company he is contracting with has an opening that would require quite a bit of time in the UK. Those of you who know me can imagine that I jumped on this news quickly… Doug and I have often talked about living abroad for a few years before the girls start school. To my way of thinking this could get his “foot in the door” and maybe a spot could open up for him in the London base.

Ahh… I can just imagine the idyllic nature of it. We could live in a little hamlet outside of London. Doug could take the train in every day (because, honestly, you don’t want to drive in London) and the girls and I could walk everywhere in our village. We could have a tiny car to explore the countryside.

Of course, with the electricity difference, I would need a new notebook so I could keep in touch with all of you. (Converters are not a daily option. We burnt one out in Ireland.) Luckily I wouldn’t have to look farther than Dealtime.co.uk for the best prices and reviews for any electronics we would need.

I suppose that's the easy part...


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