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Just Look at This!

>> Thursday, May 22, 2008

See all that rain? The rain that is going to begin today and fall through Monday? The rain that, according to Weather.com, will be accompanied by high winds? The rain that is ruining our camping plans (as well as any outdoor activities)? The rain that wasn't in our forecast until this morning? Do you see it?

Well... Crud. I suppose I'll go empty the clothes I have packed in space bags and a Rubbermaid container, put all the camping stuff back in the corner of the garage, put away all the cooking utinsils and figure out just how to hide the bags of chips from the girls.



Anonymous 10:07 AM  

I'd wait. You know Iowa's weather ... tomorrow they'll be calling for sun and 90 degrees.

Our forecast looks very similar and the weatherman said that the showers would be "spotty" and there would be plenty of opportunity for outdoor time. I hope this is true for Des Moines too, as we will be there for baseball games all weekend.


The Fritz Facts 10:28 AM  

I would wait too. Weather is a funny thing, and changes so quickly. It would really stink if you had to cancel.

Jill 3:04 PM  

Whew! I thought briefly about coming to Iowa over the long weekend. Glad I changed my mind so I can soak up the Georgia sunshine we are expecting all weekend :o) (ps - this is not meant to be a gloat or a taunt, just an innocent report on our weather)

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