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Storage That's Uniquely Yours

>> Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last Christmas we gave digital frames as gifts… Because we want to update the photost I also purchased flash drives for everyone with the idea that we could update photos on the drive and exchange them every so often.

Ummm, yeah. I sent out the updated drive a while back with the instructions to return the “old” one to me so I could put new photos on it and send it out again. A digital photo swap, if you will.

You guessed it- I’m still waiting for those flash drives to come home…

I’m considering Personalized flash drives. You can add a theme or logo to one side of the flash drive and personalize the other. I’m thinking “Don’t forget to send me back for refills!” on one side and “My photos” on the other…

Personalized flash drives would also make a terrific gift for that grad heading off to college- or for that Daddy who totes his work around on a flash drive. With sizes from 512MB to 16GB and 14 colors to choose from you can create a great gift. Engraving is included in the price and if you click the link above you can save 20%.

And they look really cool!
Sponsored by Pexagon Technology



ghuff 7:49 PM  

I love my picture frame and would send it back but I need a "geek" to show me how to save some of the pictures. You know that old saying about "old dogs"

Anonymous 11:36 PM  

I gave personalized flash drives from Pexagon for Christmas with name and phone number (ok, I got one for myself, too :). They were a big hit!

Aditya 11:47 PM  

Nice post Geek!!
I just posted one about Pexagon too
Keep writing! cheers :)

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