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No Desire

>> Thursday, May 29, 2008

The weather radio went off just a little while ago. We are, again, under a tornado watch. The weather is bringing me down. I just need a complete day of sun... All these clouds are making me tired.

I just couldn't bring myself to get much done today. Oh, I walked the dog shortly after 6am (the first morning in 4 days it hasn't been raining when I got out of bed), showered and made sure my kids were dressed and fed.

I even made a trip to Target. But, other than that, not much else got done. I didn't cook today... We had Sonic for lunch and met Doug for fish & chips for dinner (with a pint of Strongbow).

And, not wanting to stay in the house, I took the girls to Recess when they got up from naps hoping they would run and play. It kind of worked.

now I'm looking at the pile of receipts I should input in to Quicken and just really wanting to go to bed and read my novel. Or maybe just go to sleep...


The Fritz Facts 11:09 PM  

We haven't had as much of the nasty weather as you, but tonight was rough. Boo's baseball was cancelled, so that dragged the night on and on and on. Hopefully the current storm will blow through, a friend is getting married tomorriw night at Harriet Island...outside...

Melody 9:24 AM  

I am so tired of this weather too. Wasn't this morning fun? I woke about 2:30 and we were under a watch then our county had a warning @ 5 am. Luckily it was south of us and we didn't have to go to the basement. Yep, watching the weather at the wee hours of the morning made for some great family bonding time.

The weekend is looking great. It will be nice to have a reprieve.

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