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High Maintence

>> Thursday, May 22, 2008

I didn't used to think I was high maintence, but now I'm not so sure.

To me high maintence invokes the image of, well, the "Real Housewives" shows on Bravo. You know... The ladies with too much money, a couple of nannies and time for a daily blow-out at the salon. Real, my a$$.

A real housewife is happy if she gets a shower alone- let alone every day. A real housewife is cleaning the house, caring for the kids, cooking the meals and (probably) working a "real" job as well. A real housewife has a car with Cheerios in the seats and stinky socks hidden somewhere that she may never find. A real housewife...

Ah, but I took off on my tangent and forgot my point...

I'm feeling much more high maintence lately. You see, my night time routine, now that I am of a certain age, is taking longer than ever. Honestly, why can't soap & water be enough?

1) Remove eye makeup with makeup remover
2) Wash face with special cleanser from the dermatologist for my problem skin (must wait 10 minutes for skin to dry completely before I can apply Theraputic Lotion)
3) While skin is drying completely brush and floss teeth. This is good as now I actually have time to floss. Yes, I had the time before but who wants to floss when they can just crawl into bed?
4) Apply eye firming cream
5) Apply Theraputic Lotion (must allow it to dry before applying night cream)
6) File any rough edges from nails and apply nail strengthener (not that it works but I will keep trying to, someday, grow my fingernails)
7) Apply Hydrating Gel to face
8) Apply hand creme (to my thrice washed hands by this point)
9) Crawl into bed

My morning routine is no where near that extensive. It involves washing my face, putting on hydrating lotion and sunscreen. Maybe a tinted moisturizer and mascara.

So I'm just high maintence at night? I guess it's working though. A woman in my mom's group was completely shocked when I told her my age. She thought I was her age (31).


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