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Need to Prepare for Memorial Weekend?

>> Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It’s Memorial Weekend… What do you have planned? We are going camping; the first time with the girls. This afternoon I will be going through supplies we have and figuring out what else we might need.

And, because I’m frugal, you know that if I need anything at all I’ll be online looking for the best deal by using online coupons and coupon codes. Lately the best ones I’ve found have been at BestOnlineCoupons.com.

No matter what I need for this weekend I can be sure to find it at Camping World. But, even though Doug may beg, I am not buying him a “grill to go”. I don’t care how good a deal I can get on it!

Of course, if the camping gets to be just too much I can save on a hotel room near the camp grounds. Mmmm, real bed, breakfast not over a fire… Sounds nicer the more I type.

Of course we need to bring along outdoor games for the girls. Hmmm… kites, bocce ball, badminton, maybe a fun roller (or maybe not… Dizzy kids tend to puke).

With thousands of coupons at hundreds of retailers I can find deep discounts and special promotions on printer ink supplies, business equipment and computers as well as great deals on camping supplies, outdoor games and stuff for my soon to be newly landscaped yard.

Everything I need- and the best prices I can get. Hmmm, it’s probably a good thing we are going camping. Otherwise I could shop all weekend!


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