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If You Gotta See It...

>> Friday, May 30, 2008

When I first moved to Iowa the most difficult thing for me was to give up my season tickets to the Wild. I cried when I sold the tickets. And, as they went to the Stanley Cup playoffs I watched every game from home and hated the person I saw in my seat.

As it turned out I soon had to return to Minnesota to finish the sale of my house and sign a few papers and, wouldn’t you know it, the Wild were playing at home. I HAD to go! And, since I sold the house I had some extra cash so I wanted to take my friend Sheri along.

I searched high and low for good seats. I was willing to pay for them. They were so hard to come by! And you just don’t really know if you’re going to get scammed… Luckily I didn't but until I got in the gate I worried.

Now there is SeatExchange.com, an easy and safe way to buy tickets for almost any event. Whether it’s concert tickets for that reunion tour going on this summer or sports tickets for that game you just can’t miss…

I could even get Celtic Football (that’s soccer to you, yank) tickets as SeatExchange is the official secondary ticket provider for them. Good to know as those tickets are hard to get and someday I would love to be swept up in that craziness. Almost as good as a hockey game in Minnesota.


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