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At Least It Ended Well

>> Monday, May 26, 2008

Our long holiday weekend was spent mostly indoors due to very nasty weather across the state. As in baseball size hail (in our backyard), tornadoes (thankfully not in our backyard) and lots and lots of rain.

But we got a lot accomplished (see next post down).

Amazingly enough today ended on a warm and sunny note. About 5 pm the girls were clamoring to go outside so I asked Doug if I should just make our dinner "to go"- as in load stuff in the bikes and head to a park.

So that's what we did. Now, I had planned chicken reuben for dinner, and those need to be broiled. So I slapped them together, wrapped them in foil, took some charcoal, grabbed some chips and drinks and we were on our way.

We biked three-quarters of the way across town to a park that I used to walk with Brenna to when we lived in our old house. We settled in to a picnic area, lit the charcoal and played with some outdoor toys we had shoved in the trailers.

Gotta tell ya- those reubens were GREAT grilled! I'll be sharing the recipe this Friday.

After dinner and clean up we trekked across the park to the play area where Brenna & Caelan ran off their energy.

Caelan is grinning because she knows that Daddy can't reach her from the other end. She never went all the way through the tunnel...

Brenna was very adventurous and tried all the "big kid" stuff... She climbed, she slid, she swung... Nothing was stopping her!
And then it was time to head home for baths... Ahhh, summer, the season of baths every night... Mommy was feeling especially nice and the girls got to bathe in the big tub. Ah, yes, the perfect end to a perfect day!


Jennifer 8:17 AM  

So much fun :)

The Fritz Facts 1:57 PM  

That sounds like a great night at the park! I love those moments.

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