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Yes, I'm Sensitive

>> Monday, November 19, 2007

I just made our 6 month dental appointments. We are a couple months late. It’s not that I have a fear of the dentist, it’s just that so much of our old dental work- I’m talking work that was done when we were kids- is getting so fragile and beginning to break. So dental visits cost a fortune.

Case in point- two of my molars have rather large silver fillings in them (I grew up on a farm, drinking well water, no fluoride, 'nuff said) that are beginning to crack. This has caused them to be very sensitive to cold.

I’ve tried toothpastes to help with the sensitivity but none seem to last. Recently I tried Biotene.

I actually only tried it because I received a free sample. I had given up on anything working and was resolving myself to waiting until January.

I was totally surprised that it actually worked! Instead of acting as a “band-aid” to my problem, it actually seemed to “bond” to my teeth and provide relief that lasted.

And I loved the fact that it is low-foam. It always bothered me how much toothpaste would foam out of my mouth. I felt almost rabid. And it would tend to dry the corners of my mouth and cause irritation. I hated that.

I also really liked the taste. Kind of fruity, but not overly sweet. Very nice.

If you find yourself needing a sensitive toothpaste I highly recommend Biotene. It really does work.


Cindy 11:33 PM  

OK, I'm looking for this. This is about the 3rd mention I've heard of Biotene and my Sensodyne just isn't working anymore!

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