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Bye, Bye Babies: Part II

>> Saturday, November 03, 2007

So, after I sent my lovies on their way with Grandma I had lunch- yes, it was 3pm. Let me tell you why...

I had actaully left the girls with a sitter for the morning so I could get my hair cut off and colored. (And I mean OFF- maybe I'll share a photo later) On my way home I called Mom to see what time she was going to get the girls. She had just finished work and was on her way to my house. Since neither of us had eaten we decided to have lunch

We stopped at a popular diner on the edge of Des Moines. We've eaten there before; the service has been good and the food is usually quite tasty. We arrive shortly after 1pm. We order about 1:25pm. Our food arrives at 1:52pm. My order is wrong- Black Bean Taco Salad no onions or olives. Yep, onions and olives all over it. I send it back knowing that they are just going to pick the onions and olives off it. During this time my mom attempts to eat her steamed veggies. Which, it would appear, have been tossed into water, rinsed, and put on her plate. Raw. So my salad returns, the waitress takes my mom's plate. I look at my salad and it is still covered in onions. I toss the top layer over and there are olives everywhere.

I ask a passing waitress for a manager. It is the same lady who seated us. We explained the situation to her; she said that she would have our meals remade. "No," we reply as we have been there for an hour and really don't feel like having our food spit on because someone is getting in trouble for screwing up. So we leave, still hungry.

OK... so I have lunch and then head to Jordan Creek, a big shopping area. I stopped into Best Buy to get more RAM in my computer before I begin to transfer software from my other laptop. Then, right next door to BB, is DSW. I love DSW. And I have two coupons. SHOES!!! Sadly I left with nothing.

No problem, Jordan Creek has my favorite mall. Now, Merrit and I will agree that this is the best mall in Des Moines. (OK, no Harry & David's, but other than that it's great) My sister and SIL don't like it. Hmmm...

Anyway, I notice this HUGE sign on the door... On Black Friday the mall opens at 12:01am for shopping. Yep, no need to wait until 5am- you can now shop the first minute of the new day!

Anyway, I am searching for tops, shoes and maybe a new bag.

I leave the mall having spent 90 cents in Bed, Bath & Beyond. I had a $15 gift card so I bought 5 hand soaps, on sale for $3 each- limit 5. The 90 cents was tax.

Well then, maybe I can find something at TJ Maxx.

Or maybe not.

How depressing- I set out to spend money... And I can't. BAH!

Doug and I met up at The Firken and Fox pub. (Click the link, it's just Firkin fun- turn on your sound) Now, in case you are wondering what a firkin actually is (as I was) I looked it up:

A Firkin is an old English unit of volume. The name is derived from the Middle
Dutch word vierdekijn, which means fourth, i.e. a fourth of a full-size barrel.
The firkin (a firkin of water) is the base unit of mass in the FFF
(Furlong/Firkin/Fortnight) System of units.

Nor need you mind the serial
Of being watched from forty cellar holes
As if by eye pairs out
of forty firkins.
— Robert Frost, "Directive"
For beer and ale a firkin
is equal to 9 Imperial gallons (about 40.915 l) or a quarter of a barrel. Casks
in this size (themselves called firkins) are the most common container for cask
ale. The word "firkin" (as in "Fox & Firkin") is frequently considered a
suitably atmospheric word by those naming an English-style pub — by implication,
the establishment will thus be either a new pub in the UK or a foreign imitation
of a British pub.

For wine the firkin had a larger size, namely a third
of a tun. A tun being 210 gallons in the UK and 252 fluid gallons in the US,
thus a wine firkin is about 318 L (318.226 or 317.975). It is also called
tertian or, preferably, puncheon (in the US also shortened to pon).
Yes, it is my aim to educate, as well as entertain, you.

I must say, the Firkin and Fox is easily the cleanest pub I have ever been in. Very family friendly. Good food, Strongbow on tap. Ummm.

Unfortunately when I drink Strongbow I tend to think I am funny. Case in point: We ordered dessert because I had a coupon for a free dessert (which I then forgot to use). The very kind waiter brought it out with two spoons. It was a Creme Brulee Cheesecake. He asked if we would prefer forks. I asked if maybe we could get a spork- you know, the bastard child of the spoon/fork union.

I thought it was funny...


So, anyway, the evening ended there as we got home and Doug took NyQuil for a cold he felt coming on. I can hear him coughing in the basement now. Great.


sue 8:03 AM  

Oh my... Jordan Creek is opening at 12:01? Geez. I've only gone shopping twice in my life on Black Friday (both times with my MIL) and strangely enough, showing up at Valley West Mall at 6 a.m. there was never a crowd! Weirdness...

In other news, I think I'll just stay in bed and shop online. ;)

(What restaurant was it? I would have left, too!)

Melody 9:02 PM  

I just found your blog. I love Jordan Creek also. I do think however I might be sleeping at 12:01 am on Black Friday. I have never heard of the Firkin and Fox. Maybe my husband and I will have to check it out.

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