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Itchy Feet

>> Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I mentioned a few posts ago that Doug & I plan to sell our house when the girls go off to college and buy a nice loft. Where we may buy that is completely open for discussion right now. Our ideas change on a pretty regular basis.

Obviously there are places that I won’t own property- like a cliff overlooking the ocean in California (duh!) or on the southern border of Texas (well, really anywhere in Texas), Arizona or New Mexico for obvious reasons (OK, they are obvious to me).

Before we got married we toyed with moving someplace new for both of us and really beginning fresh. One state that we discussed at length was Colorado. It’s got that wild-west feeling in some spots but is so completely urban, too.

Every so often I get “itchy feet” and check out the Colorado real estate market. Just to see what’s going on there. Because maybe we could buy a little condo or townhouse early…

Hey, it could happen.


Iowa Bob 9:49 PM  

Jody, if your looking for a piece of heaven, Stay in Iowa. Take it from someone who made the mistake of leaving Iowa and is now working to get back (damn housing market).

ghuff 8:21 PM  

If you move to Colorado you will have a winter visitor, especially if you live way up in the mountains. My idea of a perfect vacation would be to be snowbound in the rockies, with lots of good books to read.

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