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>> Monday, November 12, 2007

Today was too crazy.

My day began about 3am when I woke with a coughing fit that just wouldn't stop. I couldn't catch my breath, it was dry and hacking and was making my head ache. I dragged myself to the basement so as not to disturb Doug any more and caught up on my SVU and TiVoed repeats of travel shows.

After waking Doug and getting him off to work I napped until the girls woke up,coughing. As they ate breakfast I called their doctor and made appointments for them this afternoon, called the vet and left a message for him to call me back, made an appointment to have the carpets cleaned (more on that and the vet in a minute) and then called my mom.

Mom asked if I had gotten my washer and dryer yet which led to a long and tedious story about how the store with the big yellow tag has accepted the payoff of our credit card- almost two weeks ago- but won't release the credit so I had yet to get my washer and dryer. Which then led to a story about how my mo won't shop at the big yellow tag and an offer to put the washer and dryer on her Lowe's card (interest free until Jan 09). So we met her at 11:30 and I will have my new washer and dryer tomorrow. Whirlpool Duet Steam in "Aspen".

After a quick stop at McDonalds we were off to the girls' doctor appointments. They have both had a nasty cough the past couple of weeks and Caelan had begun to run a fever yesterday. Can you say ear infection? Yep, Caelan has double ear infection and Brenna just has a single. For the next 10 days my children will be drugged.

Nap time!

The vet returns my call. Cleo, my 13 year old tortoise shell manx, has been being treated for a UTI the past month. Unfortunately it hasn't helped. There was still blood in her urine and she had quit eating and I don't think she was drinking very much either. When the girls and I were gone over the weekend she sprayed some of Caelan's clothes that were in the hallway and also a washcloth in the bathtub.

The carpet cleaner comes on Wednesday. I made an appointment to take Cleo into the vet at 6:30pm.

Now, since the girls were both diagnosed with ear infections and my symptoms mirrored theirs I planned to visit Urgent Care as soon as Doug got home. I got there at 4:20pm. It was packed. People were signing up and leaving to do other things and then coming back for their turn. It was crazy. Luckily my turn came quickly (in an hour) because some people weren't there when their names were called. After an exam and a chest x-ray I was out the door at 6pm with a prescription for meds to take care of my bronchitis and walking pneumonia.

Home to pick up the cat and away to the vet. A long discussion with the vet... I can't afford or justify the amount of money it would take to find out what was wrong with Cleo (I had already spent $400). She seemed, to him, to be failing and euthanizing her just seemed to be the kindest act. So I petted her while she was given the drugs. It's difficult to go in with a pet and leave without one. Even if it was an annoying cat.

Then to the store to get my drugs and a few things for tomorrow. Because I'm not leaving my house tomorrow.

I'm not getting out of my warm lounge pants and big sweatshirt tomorrow. In fact, tomorrow begins now. I'm going to take a bath, put on my pjs and go to bed.


Iowa Bob 10:45 PM  

Jody, I was so sorry to hear about Cleo. It's always difficult losing a pet, and I'm sure the situation wasn't made any easier by the kind of day that you had. Cindy and I have already had to put down two of our dogs during our marraige, and we dread the day we have to do it again. With three dogs and a cat we know that day is coming, but hopefully we have many years before we face that again.

Sounds like Minneapolis was hectic but fun. And on the bright side, Cindy and I just got the Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer last week, and they are great. Not cheap, but they do a great job.

Take care of yourself and I'll talk to you again soon.

An Iowa Mom 3:00 PM  

Wow ... what a day! I hope you are all doing better soon.

And here's to lounge pants and comfy sweatshirts ... I know I'm in mine, and have been all darn day!


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