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Alone Again

>> Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Well, the "church ladies" are gone. I have a few biscotti left, some coffee and water for cocoa or tea. Make yourself comfy.

We packed lots of boxes full of goodies for the charity and the kids had fun in the basement watching Cars and playing with toys.

Since the girls and I are heading north this weekend I am contemplating the purchase of a third cell phone for babysitter use. I've thought about it before- especially when CoffeeGirl would take Brenna to the park. Our upcoming visit to the Mall of America is really making me think very seriously about it as I know Brenna won't want to shop with me and will be with my teenaged cousin. I want to be able to reach them- so I can find them.

I considered walkie-talkies but I'm really not sure they would work so well in the MOA. So I'm thinking maybe one of those kid's phones that can only call a few people and have no extra features.

With our family plan it will cost about $10 per month, pretty nominal for peace of mind to my way of thinking.

Anyone have any advice or thoughts?


jennhuff 9:39 AM  

steffahn has a cell phone thru verizon that is called vigo? it has only 4 buttons you program for calling out, it also has buttons for 911, and it does not have texting or voicemail but can have a tracker put on for you to monitor where your child is. it's only 10 dollars a month but it is cheap considering the peace of mind. his is green but i think they many other colors and covers. good luck to you in your search.

Jody 12:15 PM  

I actually called Verizon about the Migo. They quit distributing it about 6 months ago. Pffffttt...

I suppose I'll just get a basic phone. I understand that you can set them up so they only call the numbers in the phone book.


sue 8:08 AM  

We used our phones like crazy when we were there. Hubs and son went one way, daughter and I went another... and actually were able to find each other when we wanted to!

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