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More Shopping Yet to Do

>> Monday, November 26, 2007

I’ve been shopping the last few days. Now, before you assume anything, I was not one of the 20,000 people at the mall at 12:01am on Black Friday.

Nope, I slept until Caelan woke me (shortly after 6am) and did some online shopping with the girls’ grandmother for their gifts. The majority of my shopping has, in fact, been done online.

Only a few names remain on my list: my mother, my father and both of Doug’s grandmothers.

All of these people are difficult to buy for as they don’t really need anything. And I just went through the pain of buying birthday gifts for Doug’s grandmothers… I am completely clueless as to what to get them for Christmas.

I’ve been searching CollectiblesToday.com for ideas. They have lots of great stuff. I’m considering something from their “inspirational” group for one grandmother. I’m trying to think if the other grandmother collects anything… I think she might like some of the Thomas Kinkade stuff.

I'll have to peruse the Christmas Gifts for Mothers though... I still have no idea what my mom might like. And I'm surely not going to list it here- she checks in daily!


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