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Sew, Where Do You Shop For Fabric?

>> Thursday, November 08, 2007

I really enjoy sewing, not that I get to do it much. But when there is something I want that I just can’t find (a bag for a 17” laptop that isn’t ugly) or that I don’t want to pay an insane amount for (Brenna’s bedding or our Renaissance costumes) I will find the time to sit at my machine.

Much of what I make uses home interior and upholstery fabric. It’s heavy, crisp and easy to use. Unfortunately my resources can be limited and if I am spending time to make an item that is perfect you can bet that I am going to make sure I have the perfect fabric.

Sometimes I get lucky at my local chain store. But if I can't find what my mind has told me I want (and I am picky- just ask my mom about shopping for fabric for Caelan's bedding) I turn to the internet. I love this site for designer upholstery fabric. Pages and pages of beautiful stuff. And I can usually find what my heart is set on.

Sew, what's your favorite fabric resource when it has to be perfect?


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