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Right Now

>> Thursday, November 15, 2007

Brenna is sitting at her computer playing a Blues Clues game.

Caelan is sitting on a box from IKEA- a stand for my Wishblade with drawers and castors so it will roll- that has yet to be opened and constructed. Beside it sits another box from IKEA- a bookshelf to replace the one I currently have. About the same amount of space but it's divided into 8 cubes- to the joy of my organized self.

It is shortly after 2pm. Almost nap time. I could really use a nap. My sickness and the pills to knock it out are really taking a toll on me.

But... my brother-in-law and his daughter will be here sometime between 4-8pm. I need to do a bit more cleaning (I did get the bathroom bleached to get rid of the cat ick) and make myself presentable. A Target run would also be good. And, since tonight is usually our small group night for church I don't have a menu plan- hence no food for dinner.

The piles of stuff that needs done... but isn't getting done... is beginning to weigh heavily on me. I really need a day just locked in my office with no interruptions.

Hmmm... Maybe Saturday? Here's hoping...


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