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Kitchen Upgrades

>> Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It’s no secret that there are things I want to change in my kitchen. Of course I won’t toss out good appliances- but once they need to go I will begin replacing them with what I want.

High on my list is a new cooktop. The one I currently have has only two heating elements for pots and pans and a grill/griddle feature. Sometimes there just isn’t enough room to make two things at once.

Next would be a double oven. Perfect for those holidays- or if I just get on a baking binge. My in-laws got one last year when we were down for Thanksgiving- I gotta admit that I was impressed.

Of course a refrigerator is on the list. A new side-by-side model, hopefully with more freezer space than I currently have. Hmmm, maybe the one in the basement will go out first and then I can move the one in the kitchen downstairs and put a new one in the kitchen. HA! Two chances for a new fridge!

I’ve also been thinking about a trash compactor. It would look so lovely under my counter- and it would save me from having to walk all the way to the trash can when I’m baking.

Abt Electronics has everything I would need- even the trash compactor accessory. They have everything you could need for your home- and then some. They also offer free shipping and financing and have a 30 day low price guarantee.


ghuff 8:35 PM  

Have you ever lived with a side by side? I have and wouldn't take another as a gift. Well, maybe as a gift. But I do want one of those with the big bottom drawer freezer. Heaven!!!

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