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Bye, Bye Babies

>> Friday, November 02, 2007

Just a short time ago I stood in the garage, gave my girls big kisses and waved them off for a fun filled night at Grandma's.

As they pulled out I could hear Brenna saying, "Bye Jody!" just like she heard my cousin say it a few minutes before.

Brenna was so excited and couldn't wait for Grandma to come and get her. She was very busy telling me what she was going to do at Grandma's... Jump in leaves... Go to the park to swing and slide...

This will be Caelan's very first overnight at Grandma's house. It's kind of tough for me, but I'm sure it will be great for her. She loves Grandma,too, and really does need to be away from me a bit.

As for me... I have lots to do... Including cleaning the wood floors, baking the most yummy chocolate cake ever and spending time with Doug.



Anonymous 10:02 PM  

Ok at first I thought you were going to spend your "baby geek" free evening scrubbing the floors....until I saw the "chicka-chicka boom" in fine print....

Fantastagirl 10:25 PM  

Have a wonderful child free evening.

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