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Gifts for The Person Who Has Everything

>> Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet. I just realized that the other morning when I woke at 3am with a coughing fit.

I pride myself on being organized and lately I haven’t been. I am behind on absolutely everything. Doug’s grandmother’s birthday is this weekend and I haven’t even thought about what to get her. To be quite honest she is impossible to buy for and gifts seem to be very important to her- sometimes it seems like it’s not so much the thought that counts. Last Christmas I got her coasters that you can put photos in. I took photos of Doug and the girls, put them in, wrapped it nicely… And I got a card that said “Thank you for the gift. It was unusual.”

I felt like she had completely snubbed my gift. I’m not even sure she knows it was coasters. Luckily his other grandmother loved hers, so I felt a bit redeemed.


I came across this website today; JacarandaStyle has some of the most unique gifts I have ever seen. The blue and white ceramics are gorgeous and the jewelry is exquisite. I am so in love with their cuffs.

All the items are made in South Africa and a portion of every item sold is donated to the Ethembeni School in South Africa (www.ethembenischool.org) which serves 300 physically disabled and visually impaired students.

Gifts you can feel good about giving. Of course it’s too late for me to order for this weekend. Otherwise I’d be getting one of the ostrich egg tea light. Now that’s unusual…


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