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But I Didn't Want Company

>> Monday, November 19, 2007

Doug's grandmother (not the one who just had the birthday party last weekend, but the one who is having a birthday party this coming weekend) called me today.

Grandma: "What are you doing Thursday?"
Me: "Not leaving the house unless we go out for Chinese food."
Grandma: "I thought you might want to come up here for Thanksgiving dinner."
Me: "We have been so busy and Doug has been working so much that we just want to stay home and relax. And we'll be up there on Saturday."
Grandma: "I could come down there."
Me: "I'm not fixing a turkey."
Grandma: "I can cook it and bring it down."
Me: "Let me talk to Doug."

And Doug says: "Let her come down. She's a good cook."
Me: "OK, but I'm telling her that I don't want a house full of people. No aunts, uncles or cousins."
Doug: "OK."

So Doug's grandmother is bringing a turkey, dressing,cranberry sauce and a pumpkin pie. I will be providing appetizers, potatoes, green bean cassarole and a pumpkin cheesecake (new recipe).

So much for a relaxing day...

If anyone else comes I'm locking the door.


cchuff 4:55 PM  

Boy do I understand! I am planning to hole up Friday, Saturday and Sunday and do whatever I want and pray that no credit card terminals die.

Bubbi 8:49 AM  

I am with you--this is the first yr I do not have to do all the work and provide Thanksgiving. The torch has passed by skipping my daughter to my granddaughter and their house.

Of course it is the day before and they have not even bought the turkey lol. I will be just as happy to stay home alone and have steak :)

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