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>> Monday, November 05, 2007

It's been a very long day. Caelan was up between 5 and 5:30am. We did some stretches to help me wake up and then I took a shower to try to steam out some of the gook that has collected in my head.

Brenna had school, Caelan and I "evaluated" a local pancake haus and then tried to shop for groceries and toys for Operation Christmas Child. I went a little crazy in Target's dollar bins... Cars and Disney Princess goodies, stuffed lovies, candy, jump ropes, Play-Doh, crayons...

Caelan, having been up for almost 5 hours by then, was understandably frustrated so I whipped through the rest of the store grabbing only the necessities. And forgetting many.

I then drove around hoping Caelan would doze off but only made myself tired. Lunch, as per the typical Monday, was McDonalds. We all share the #2- two cheeseburger meal. I get the soda and the leftovers.

Then blessed quiet time. I took some Tylenol to combat the pounding in my head and tried to rest. Of course it didn't work since I had a soda and caffeine affects me like nobody's business since I cut back to one soda per day and don't drink coffee.

So out of bed and off to work- laundry, cleaning, checking email...

Which I continued to do- with a break to "watch" Cars- while playing catch with the "boinging" fish, catching Caelan before she jumps on my stomach, protecting Toby from rogue children....

Then dinner. Chicken Voila and cheese stuffed breadsticks. Yep, I didn't get the necessary ingredients for the stir fry I had planned to make so we used the "emergency meal" that I keep in the freezer.

And after I made banana biscotti while Doug vacuumed Japanese Beetles off the ceiling and Brenna picked up toys.

The "church ladies" (from mom's group) are coming over tomorrow to pack shoe boxes with toys (see above) and I want to make a good impression.

OK, I want to make a really good impression. I even bought really good cocoa and a new teapot (my old one was corroding- the girls had been using it to hide small toys in) and pulled out the nice tea Doug bought me before the European market closed.

Yes, I want people to think I'm a great hostess. Kind of like Monica on Friends (those of you who watched that with any regularity will probably flash to the episode where she and Rachel lose a bet and have to switch apartments with Chandler and Joey. Monica spends days refinishing floors, painting and decorating. Once she is done she bakes and invites everyone over. As they are all eating she settles into the couch and falls asleep murmuring "I'm always the hostess...) Yep, that's what I'm like. Yes, it's scary. I'm thinking about getting help.


Fantastagirl 10:55 PM  

Don't forget to replenish your emergency supper stash.

You and my sister are a lot alike - she is the perfect hostess... I don't know how she does it, I try and fail., and have come to the conclusion - when you are not the great hostess, you don't have to have a bunch of people in the house...and she likes being in charge, so I just bring a few goodies...

sue 8:07 AM  

I'm still thinking about someone being so organized as to have an "emergency meal" on hand. Wow. You're amazing.

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