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And We're Off

>> Friday, November 09, 2007

The girls and I are heading north tomorrow morning. We are taking my young cousin Alexandra who has begun playing "Mother's Helper" for me once a week. It's a role that was held the past two summers by CoffeeGirl but during the school year it's just impossible to do as she lives half an hour away. By the time I picked her up I would have to take her home.

Alex is coming with us for two reasons: 1) I can't shop with the girls in tow and there are a few places I have to go (mainly Nordstrom for another bra and IKEA) and 2) I am having my friend G's new squeeze design a website for my little travel blog. If I don't have someone there to watch the girls I won't get anything done.

In speaking with Alex yesterday I found out that she has never been to the Mall of America. It's like I'm taking her to the teenaged mother ship. Her friends found out that she was going up- and not with parents- so she is currently enjoying elevated status as "the babysitter who gets to travel".

If you are checking in let me invite you to take in some of the stuff that has been going on around here:

I've got a new blog buddy. Stop at his place and say hello.

That pumpkin swirl cheesecake that I make all the time... Here's the recipe.

My birthday was the other day... Here's how I spent it.

And my washing machine burned up.

Yep, it was a busy week. Hopefully that will keep you entertained until I come back. Have a great weekend!


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