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>> Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It's not like I really had anything planned for this afternoon. A little rest, some laundry, grocery shopping...

What I really didn't count on was my washing machine catching fire during a spin cycle.

Now, before you worry, nothing was harmed. Well, except for the washing machine...

So, there we were, enjoying a late lunch when I smelled something burning. "Hmmmm," thought I, "I have nothing baking."

And then, just a moment later the kitchen was filled with smoke. And I had clothes in mid-spin in a washer half full of water.


I text Doug "Fire!" knowing that is about the only text he will respond to and begin pulling very heavy, very wet clothes from the machine to drag to my sister's house.

Yes, great fun was had there as I did my best to keep boy toys with small parts away from Caelan. Brenna, of course, wanted to play a video game and was very upset when I told her no. Oh, yes, it was great fun.

And more fun will follow as later we venture out to the store with the big yellow tag to buy a new washer/dryer set.

Yes, I'm getting a new dryer because if I don't it will catch fire next week.

I need a nap...


Fantastagirl 8:37 PM  

Glad everyone is okay - and the bright side - you get to go shopping for a washer/dryer set hope you find the one that drys, folds and puts them away, it wasn't available when I needed a new dryer a year or so ago.

Marie 8:44 PM  

Yikes! How old is the washer? What kind?

Good thing you were home!!

Jody 9:05 PM  

I did find a lovely LG set- the washer steams (should save a bit on dry cleaning) and the dryer has a sweater rack (very nice). It came in a beautiful deep red, a dark blue or white. Brenna chose the white. :)

The old set is one Doug had- he says it's about 10 years old so he got his money out of it. It was Amana. I'm guessing it died of old age...

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