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I Feel Icky, Oh So Icky

>> Thursday, November 08, 2007

Well, I "celebrated" my birthday by taking a hot bath with vapor bath (alternating daughters as they both have a cold, too) and climbing into bed early.

Very exciting, I know.

Unfortunately I woke today with the same headache I went to bed with. I dug out the super-duper sinus pills, and when Caelan took her morning nap Brenna and I cuddled in my bed; Brenna watching Blues Clues and me sleeping.

As I woke in my medication-induced fog I noticed that my headache had gone. Yippee! I never would have guessed that my hacking-cough cold was a sinus thing as I had no runny nose and I could breathe. Thankfully An Iowa Mom mentioned that her daughter was given sinus meds for a cold that sounded similar to mine.

Of course I am keeping up the meds- which puts me at a disadvantage to life. I feel about as sharp as a spoon and as necessary as a spork.

We bought Ratatouille the other night. I wonder if I can get the girls to relax and watch it with me?

Yeah, I'm dreaming, I know. It's the drugs.


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