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Help! My Skin Needs You!

>> Monday, November 26, 2007

Last summer the skin care regimen I was using suddenly quit working. I was experiencing strange almost eczema-like breakouts on my face. I quit those products and began using the most mild dermatologist-recommended products I could get over the counter until I could get in to see a dermatologist.

Now, I went to a dermatologist who could prescribe meds as I was having an eczema outbreak on my hand. She prescribed Retin-A for my face. I was to work up to using it daily.

I didn't notice any problems, except for a little dryness, until I was using it every day. Then my skin broke out like never before. And it was also so "fresh" that the tiniest scratch from Caelan resulted in a bleeding wound. It was disgusting.

So I quit using it.

I am considering going to a dermatologist that also does skin care procedures. No drugs but I am sure they will want me to buy many high priced items- and maybe get a little botox.

What do you swear by? Remember, I'm getting to a "certain age" so I need stuff for laugh lines and crows feet.


sue 11:19 AM  

What do you call "a certain age"... you are way younger than I am!!

You know, you earned every one of those lines, right?

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