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Caelan Has The Right Idea

>> Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Caelan has been practicing for her big walk through the airport pulling her own luggage:

Looking outside today, I don't blame her a bit for wanting to fly off somewhere:


Melody 3:39 PM  

Don't you love Iowa weather? 70 degrees on Monday, three inches of snow on Wednesday.

cchuff 6:51 PM  

I drove in this all day.

I swear that some people have only one brain cell and as soon as it snows the first time, it freezes to death. So many idiots on the road......SLOW DOWN.

I drcve about 300 miles in this today.

Anonymous 7:52 PM  

Love Caelan's practice run.

Reminder her not to leave her bag unattended. Grin.

Keep creating...the brand YOU,

Iowa Bob 8:12 PM  

Jody, I know you are probably bummed by the snow, but I would give anything to be in it right now. I am so looking forward to being back in a state where the four seasons dont consist of brown, slightly less brown, green, and kinda green/brown.

Have a great Thanksgiving - Bob

P.S. Make sure Caelan packs her own bag.

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