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Our Future

>> Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Doug and I have begun discussing what we will do when the girls are off to college. Yes, I know they haven’t even entered kindergarten yet, but it pays to plan ahead.

First, I have told Doug that we will not move again until we downsize. Our home is big enough and we have plans for a 4 season porch where the deck currently is, a craft room below that and a new deck that doesn’t have a suicide drop onto concrete.

I plan to have the house paid off in 20 years and hopefully the value will have increased by then. We will sell it, buy a nice loft somewhere and buy a big freakin’ RV to roam the country.

Our plans include a semi-retirement for Doug at that time. In perspective, we will still be relatively young, in our mid-50’s. We plan for Doug to be able to go wherever work may take him or to even work from the road (we will, of course, have super internet capabilities).

If our plans work out we will need more than just our simple will, we will need to contact estate planning lawyers. The last thing we would want to do is leave the girls with a big mess that could cost them more in taxes than our estate may be worth.

Estate planning isn’t just for the incredibly wealthy. Morristrust.com has some great informational links. They also have offices in Arizona and Nevada and offer a free consultation.

Like I said earlier, it pays to plan ahead.


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