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Who Is Coming?

>> Sunday, September 23, 2007

This weekend was Homecoming in my town. Which meant fun pranks were played on the football team.

While driving to the chiropractor on Friday Brenna looked out her window and asked,"What's in the tree, Mommy?"

"Toilet paper, honey."


Well, now, that's a good question, isn't it. So I told Brenna that it was put there for Homecoming.

"Home is coming over tonight?"

"No, honey. Homecoming is a big party for the high school with a football game."

"Football is coming home tonight?" Brenna asked hopefully.

"No, honey. Football is at the high school tonight. Then they will have a party."

"Oh," Brenna said, sounding thoroughly confused.

Later, explaining it to Daddy, Brenna said that she saw "toilet paper in the tree for home to come over tonight for a party".


Unknown 1:34 PM  

You were right...totally right.

cchuff 9:04 PM  
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