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Mommy Didn't Get The Right One... By Caelan

>> Saturday, September 01, 2007

I know that Mommy told you all many times that I refused to take a bottle. Which isn't completely true. I took 3. Once when Mommy, Daddy & Brenna went out to dinner Aunt Jenni gave me a bottle. She even gave the bottle to Mommy to try. So I had to refuse it. Why take a bottle from Mommy? She had what I wanted. Gramma gave me a bottle once when Mommy was scrapping. And once, when Mommy had left me for 6 hours, I let Daddy give me a bottle. Hey, I was hungry.

And I know that Mommy told you how she bought every bottle made. Well, she didn't. Because if she would have bought this bottle I'm sure I would have used it:

But did Mommy even think to buy me a bottle from the toy aisle? No. Serves her right.


Jennifer 7:25 AM  

I'm laughing out loud here. Because when I had such a hard time getting Connor from breast to bottle, I seriously DID get him one from the toy aisle :)

How cute is that little one!

Jody 8:16 AM  

Yep, if only I would have thought of it! But now she's using cups so I don't want her using a bottle! LOL

*carrie* 11:53 AM  


So funny. Our little guy doesn't like bottles, either, but he is loving his sippy cup. Whatever!

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